Uncompromisingly non-conformist – the new BMW X6 stands for provocative self-assertiveness. Above all, this is visible in the extremely athletic body of the vehicle along with the new, distinctive design language, which is displayed by the supreme exclusivity and visionary technologies such as the impressive BMW kidney grille ‘Iconic Glow’. All of this primarily points to one thing: absolute dominance, which the new BMW X6 demonstrates quite matter-of-factly on every route thanks to a powerful engine and precise suspension. Experience a previously unseen new way of exceeding expectations with the new BMW X6.

BMW X6 xDrive40i:

Fuel consumption in l/100 km (combined) 9.0
CO2 emissions in g/km (combined) 206


The highlights of the new BMW X6.

“The new BMW X6 polarises and provokes. As the first of its kind, the X6 stands more than ever for an independent and self-confident character.”

Domagoj Dukec, Head of BMW Design


The design of the BMW X6.

Eye-catching: the new BMW X6 doesn’t even have to move to set itself apart from the crowd. It achieves this while standing still thanks to its powerful proportions and expressive design, in combination with the BMW Individual Exterior Line Aluminium Satinated. After sunset, in particular, is when the provocateur reveals its true character. This is because the exclusive BMW ‘Iconic Glow’ kidney grille makes the true extent of the vehicle’s extroversion apparent. And when the impressive 21” wheels first start to roll, that is finally the point at which no resting pulse is safe. In contrast, the interior, thanks to exclusive materials and its driver-centred orientation, offers equal levels of thrills and relaxation.


Driving dynamics features of the new BMW X6.

Attributes of an alpha beast: the top performance of the 340-hp 6-cylinder petrol engine, the outstanding precision of the Adaptive M suspension Professional turn the new BMW X6 into the ideal leader of the pack on every terrain.

“The modern design of the new BMW X6 embodies power and presence. Dynamic proportions and powerful surfaces give it a well-trained aesthetic and authentically visualise its qualities. Large and strikingly pronounced BMW design details testify to sovereignty and a clear extroversion.”


The innovative technologies of the BMW X6.

Muscular mastermind: the technology of the new BMW X6 is equal in every way to its athletic performance. This is instantly recognisable by the innovative BMW Laserlight in the X design, which provides the powerful front with a focused look. After opening the door – easily and conveniently by Digital Key using a smartphone or the Key Card – you are greeted by the latest highlights in matters of communication and entertainment. You enjoy the incomparable sound of the Harman Kardon surround system while you plan your destinations via the innovative operating concept using the BMW Operating System 7.0. En route, the latest generation of BMW assistance systems then ensure that you not only arrive at your destination in the utmost comfort but also in safety. Technology meets a thirst for action.